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About ICSC

Island Community Solar Cooperative is a new social enterprise representing the changing needs and values of communities. We are a for-profit financial (investor) co-op, conceived to promote distributed, clean, solar electricity generation by providing Vancouver Island and area electricity consumers (Clients) with a means of owning a solar PV system without a significant initial capital investment and by providing green long term Investors with a consistent and reliable return on their investment.

Progress So Far

Although our co-op is still young, an enormous amount of work has been done in the last two years. Through the support of ESVI (Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island), we’ve offered community education and support for solar initiatives, and gathered a strong volunteer team. On June 11, 2016, a second public meeting was held in Nanaimo that attracted over 200 participants. Our guest speakers were Elizabeth May, speaking about the Paris Climate Talks and the politics of global warming, and Michael Geldreich, solar installer and owner of the company Power 2 the People, revealing How Solar Energy Is Now!


ICSC was officially incorporated March 3rd, 2017!

Our first AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held May 27th, 2017.


“2014 was the first year in history where global investment in renewables outpaced global investment
in fossil fuels. This isn’t Greenpeace-directed investment. These are people who want to make money!”

 ~ Elizabeth May, Nanaimo




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Did you know:

Vancouver Island only generates about 25% of its own power.

Let’s make more of our own green power right here where we live!