Program Update – Solar PV Made Easy!

In 2019 ICSC, in partnership with Viridian Energy Coop and the Salish Sea Renewable Energy Coop, coordinated a mid-Vancouver Island community grid-tie solar PV bulk buy-install program, with scope covering design, supply, installation and commissioning.

Our intention was to help people get the best value in solar PV while increasing our membership and developing the capacity to grow our budding co-op social enterprise.

In the end we achieved 45,860 kW of systems installed and gained six new and satisfied members.  That was well short of our target, but we learned some valuable things.  Firstly, the community interest was high – we had about 66 inquiries!  And the cost was seen to be prohibitive, with many folks saying they would have to save for a few more years.  Others had old roofs unsuitable for a new solar PV system installation and said they would wait until their roof was replaced.  Some said the payback period for solar PV was too long for them.

Fortunately, the cost of solar PV systems continues to improve and installing your own solar PV electrical energy generation system remains a great hedge against rising BC Hydro rates and increased electricity use from your recently purchased or future electric vehicle.  In addition, the capital investment in your home adds to the value of your home if you sell – it’s like having a regular income rental suite – so you don’t need to stay in your home until the system pays back for itself.

If you are keen on solar PV and would like us to offer another bulk buy-install program in the future please let us know by emailing us at the address below!



—–> To download a detailed description of the past program process along with FAQ click here!

—–> To download a PowerPoint presentation about the past bulk buy-install program click here!


Is Solar PV A Good Fit For Me?

If your roof and/or yard has good southern sun exposure and there aren’t a lot of trees or buildings around it that create shade, you could be a good candidate for solar PV.  Building roofs and/or yards that have good southern sun exposure and minimum shading at sites that ALSO use a lot of Step 2 rate electricity can be excellent candidates for solar PV!  And if you want to place the solar modules (panels) on your roof, the newer your roof, the better.


I’m Interested In A Future Bulk Buy-Install Program! How Do I Get On The List?

Simply send us a note to – we’ll put you on the list and get back to you as soon as we have sufficient interest in running another program!