Solar PV Made Easy!

ICSC is coordinating a 2019 mid-Vancouver Island community grid-tie solar PV bulk buy-install program, with scope covering design, supply, install and commission.  This would be similar but not identical to the very successful bulk buy completed in the Gulf Islands by the Salish Sea Renewable Energy Coop in 2018. 

Our intention with this limited time offering is to help people get the best value in solar PV while increasing our membership and developing the capacity to grow our budding co-op social enterprise.

Installing your own solar PV electrical energy generation system is a great hedge against rising BC Hydro rates and increased electricity use from your recently purchased or future electric vehicle.  Read more about how we can help with that below!



—–> To download all the current details for this exciting opportunity along with FAQ click here!

—–> To download a PowerPoint presentation about the bulk buy-install program click here!


Is Solar PV A Good Fit For Me?

If your roof and/or yard has good southern sun exposure and there aren’t a lot of trees or buildings around it that create shade, you could be a good candidate for solar PV.  Building roofs and/or yards that have good southern sun exposure and minimum shading at sites that ALSO use a lot of Step 2 rate electricity can be excellent candidates for solar PV!  And if you want to place the solar modules (panels) on your roof, the newer your roof, the better.


How It Works

  • Residential and business members of ICSC in the mid-Vancouver Island region are eligible to participate ($50 “lifetime” membership share cost);
  • Owner cost savings of at least 15% over published market pricing can be expected.  Considering most homeowners can expect to pay $10,000 to $20,000 for a grid-tie solar PV system, this is substantial savings.  Example: For a 6 kW system and assuming average Energyhub pricing, the savings will be at least $2,400!
  • The program requires a minimum total of 200 kW of committed solar installs (about 30 homes) before August 31, 2019 to proceed – but we are aiming for 250 kW or more!
  • ICSC has negotiated a bulk buy-install program agreement with Viridian Energy Co-operative, Vancouver Island’s leading solar PV vendor/electrical contractor, which provides best overall value for participants, including not only price but quality and warranty.  We’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to!
  • Those interested in the bulk buy-install program may request a complimentary cost estimate with no obligation or commitment;
  • Those prospective participants who are serious about committing to the bulk buy-install program will pay a $150 fee to ICSC to cover a detailed solar PV site assessment, a firm price quotation from the vendor and ICSC advertising, administrative and development costs. Payment of this fee does not confirm that a prospective participant will proceed with an order;
  • Viridian will complete detailed solar PV system sizing, financial analysis and fixed price quotes for all seriously committed participants. A fixed price option cost for a structural engineering assessment will also be provided if requested;
  • If requested by a prospective participant, Viridian will also provide separate price quotes for service panel upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations or other electrical work that may be convenient to complete at the same time as the solar PV system installation;
  • ICSC is acting as a third party introduction service for the bulk buy-install program and participants electing to proceed with an installation will contract directly with Viridian;
  • Procurement of equipment and materials can begin as soon as Viridian receives confirmed participant deposits (50% of total order cost) on a minimum total of 200 kW of solar installs;
  • Installations will begin as soon as the equipment arrives, between late 2019 and early 2020, before the 2020 peak solar months. Equipment shipping time is currently around 6 weeks;
  • Anyone signing up as interested in the bulk buy-install program will be updated on the program status via email every month. Register your interest now!


I’m Interested! How Do I Sign Up?

Simply fill in this online Inquiry Form and someone will contact you within 2 to 3 days!