Who Are ICSC’s Clients?

Our clients are aligned with the ICSC mission and vision and want to go solar.  They are typically long term BC Hydro residential or small general service business customers that stay in one place and consume in excess of 33,000 kWh of electricity per year.  They also have the regular cash flow required to pay their electricity bill in full but don’t have the significant savings set aside to cover the up front cost of a large solar PV system.  Our client outreach includes rural communities, First Nations and businesses/organizations that serve these communities.  If this describes you or your business/organization, please contact us; we would love to explore if our solar leasing program would work for you!

For more details about client/project selection criteria, click here.


Is My Building Suitable for Solar PV?

Some of the key factors required for a successful ICSC project include southern roof exposure with no or low shading, long remaining roof lifetime and long remaining building life (solar PV systems typically last for more than 20 years).


What ICSC Does For Our Clients

We assess your building/facility for free and, if it is a good fit, can offer you a renewable lease on a quality solar PV system which will provide you with a long term levelized cost of electricity less than the cost of BC Hydro grid-supplied electricity.  Watch the video below to understand how ICSC client signup works.


How Does The Lease Work?

ICSC offers a 20 year variable rate lease that is renewable every five years.  To keep you happy and maintain your business, the lease rate is always set to be less than what you would pay under the current applicable BC Hydro rate for grid-supplied electricity.  Even better, if after the 20 year lease is up you want to continue to benefit from low cost solar PV supplied electricity, you may buy out the system for $1.  That means you can get your electricity virtually free for another 10 years or so!  If for some reason you need to terminate the lease before 20 years is reached, you may do so with adequate notice and payment of early termination fees as outlined in the lease agreement.  ICSC then removes the solar PV system from your building/facility.


Who Maintains The ICSC Solar PV System?

ICSC maintains the solar PV system until completion of the lease.  This includes routine cleaning or snow removal if required, as well as replacement of any equipment that fails during the lease period.  In addition, ICSC monitors the solar PV system output to ensure it is delivering as much electricity as possible at all times.


I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

Application to be a ICSC client is easy – simply fill out the Prospect Project Inquiry Form and send it to us.  We’ll contact you soon after to discuss your site in more detail and arrange for a site visit.