Board of Directors

ICSC is currently in development.  Until such time as ICSC is turning a profit, all directors will work on a volunteer basis.

Bill Woolverton – President

Bill has a degree in Physics from Queen’s University and 31 years of experience as a weather forecaster, working in BC, the Yukon, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia.  He has been involved in a number of non-profits and cooperatives over the years, beginning with student housing cooperatives in the 1970s.  He retired to Vancouver Island in 2009. He has long been interested in climate change and related issues, including alternative energy and alternative economics.

Kurt Fischer – Vice President

Kurt earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA-Finance from the University of Illinois. After a 20-year career in corporate finance roles and entrepreneurship, he chose to work in the non-profit world. In particular, he wrote business plans for, helped found, and then manage two carsharing organisations: Hourcar in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and, later, Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative, which after six years of independent operation merged in 2017 with Modo Carshare. Kurt’s desire to contribute to the community, his long-held feeling that deriving power from the sun seems just so plainly sensible, and his appreciation of the cooperative model brought him to ICSC. Today Kurt practices and teaches Tai Chi, helps Modo manage its Nanaimo fleet, with two brothers manages a long-time family farm in central Illinois, keeps up with nutrition and diet science, grows leafy greens at home, hikes, kayaks, and does his best to enjoy all Vancouver Island and Canada have to offer. Kurt and his wife Laurie immigrated to Canada from the US in 2009, by far the best joint decision they’ve ever made! He became a Canadian citizen in 2015 and especially appreciates that, for the first time in his life, candidates for whom he votes actually are competitive—sometimes even victorious!

Frank Pluta – Treasurer

Frank has Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Computer Science, which he has applied both in industry and personal businesses.  He currently works as Administrator for a growing young tree service company, a sales executive for a health and wellness company and finds time to provide business and computer consulting services.  In working with volunteer organizations, he has extensive experience in organizational growth, finances and marketing.  Having actually made his own solar cell from a silicon wafer back in the 60’s, he’s developed a keen interest in the benefits and development of solar energy projects.  This has led him to provide a strong commitment to improving access to green energy on Vancouver Island.  Frank’s business background has helped to assist in developing a business plan as a foundation for the Island Community Solar Co-op.

Don Giberson – Secretary

Don is a professional life and business coach and President of DreamCrafters, Inc., a global training and coaching company. He is also a Community Engagement Facilitator and founder of Transition Nanaimo, a local social enterprise which is helping prepare Nanaimo to be a sustainable, resilient and thriving community in the lower-energy, post carbon future that is coming. Transition Nanaimo is part of the global Transition movement, which has over 1,400 Transition communities in 50 countries. Don is also a volunteer instructor with Vancouver Island University’s Elder College where he teaches a course on “Global Challenges, Local Solutions”.

Kalie Gossen – Outreach Coordinator

Kalie Gossen has been a member of Island Community Solar Co-op since its inception.  She has an MSc in Molecular Biology and works for the Federal Government as a Patent Examiner of biotechnological inventions.  She has lived in Nanaimo for over five years, settling here to be near family. Kalie is passionate about speeding up the transition to renewable and green energy in view of climate change, as well as improving self-sufficiency in local communities and the use of cooperatives to improve equity.  She has a solar installation on her home and looks forward to having solar energy become more affordable and accessible to all.


Volunteer Members

Scot Merriam, P.Eng.

A founding member of Island Community Solar Co-op, Scot is a professional engineer with a BASc in mechanical engineering from UBC and 32 years of experience in the wood fibre/chemical processing and energy sectors.  In 2007 he launched SRM Projects Ltd. to pursue the development of renewable energy projects and has managed and engineered many hydropower, wind power, tidal power and more recently solar power projects since then.  Scot has also completed community energy and emissions plans for various BC First Nations.  In addition to consulting through SRM Projects Ltd, he also works part time for Viridian Energy Co-operative.  With the help of a volunteer panel of subject matter experts, he assembled a comprehensive small solar PV system installation specification to support Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island’s Solar PV Demonstration Program as well as BC consumers and industry.  Scot’s mission is creating community wellness through renewable energy projects and he is a strong supporter of social enterprise, gladly using his technical and business skills to help develop Island Community Solar Co-op.